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Media-Nav Evolution

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Media Nav-Evolution

I recently purchased a new 2022 Traffic Premium with Media Nav-Evolution. If someone calls me while I'm on a call, their call is answered via voicemail. My call forwarding is functional even when I'm not in the van. Eggy Car


Call forwarding not working on media-nav evolution

Hi I recently bought a new 2022 trafic premium with media nav- evolution and when I'm on a call if some one else rings me it goes straight to voicemail. When not in the van my call forwarding works ? the software version is and my iPhone is a 14... See more

forgot radio code

HelloI forgot my radio code. How can I get it back? thank you

Radio code

Hi all . I've just had a new clutch fitted and got my car back with the multi media navigation system asking for a 4 digit number ? I can't find it anywhere? Any suggestions would be welcome . Thanks in advance

radio code

how do i find the code for the multimedia touch screen on my Capture ? ive gone onto my sccount ......but cnt find the info ive had a new clutch and picked it up with the system asking for the 4 digit code

Radio code not working for Clio

Hi I have correct code for the radio (recently battery was flat) i input the 4 digit code pressed ok and it's saying incorrect pin and locks me out on a timer the code is correct in my book there's a sticker with it on so why won't it work? Iv tried turni... See more


Radio Code

Hi How can I get my radio code ? thanks

Multimedia enquiry

My multimedia system does not turn on in my brand new van. Any idea what's wrong? Thanks.