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How to buy new GPS update / maps after 3 years!

I am going around in circles trying to find how to update my expired GPS. Where can I buy the update from and download using a USB device? Thanks! Jane

Application s

Hi had a new radio/sat nav screen in and now every time I open the car and start it I have an application message


Accessing "Eco Driving" in Renault Zoe Iconic (2023)

HelloHaving difficulty accessing "Eco Driving" option when following instructions in Easy Link Handbook supplied with car. There appear to be some options missing from the software installed in the car. How can this be rectified?Thank you

Connecting an Ipod

HelloHow's do I connect m6 ipod Thanks

Update renault wind for gps sat nav

Hi can someone advise what to use to update to hands free and gps sat nav apple car play to use for renault windthanks

Synchronize Charging Mode and Climate Control with My Renault app

Hello,I have charging and climate schedules set up in my Zoe. These are not showing up in the app: Charging Mode is unknown/greyed out,Climate is showing as disabled. I can start charging manually but it won't stop manually - I have to physically go to th... See more

Car configuration

Hello Why is there a selection for which side of the road you drive on?


"Phone calls during CarPlay."

Hello"When CarPlay is active, my phone calls are muted, but my music, like Spotify, continues to play normally."thanks

Clio Evolution 2022 - rev counter

Hello Does the Clio Evolution 2022 have the capability to display a rev counter on the digital dashboard ? The manual shows a graphic of a rev counter but gives no instructions on how to enable it. Thanks.


Calls during car play

When car play is in use my calls are muted but not music eg Spotify?