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Renew Renault connect subscription

HelloI've now had my Zoe for 3 years and the 36 month subscrip-tion to Renault Connect has expired. How do I renew it?thanks


Wireless Apple Car Play

Does anyone know if any of the current models have wireless Apple Car Play? Thanks Jim


Phone connection

HelloTo use apps do you have to connect mobile phone by cable Huawei p30 lite to Renault Clio RSLINE (new)Thank you


Deleting the Find an Address search history

helloI want to get rid of this asap… so many just piling up. Please help! thank you for your help


Media Nav-Evolution

I recently purchased a new 2022 Traffic Premium with Media Nav-Evolution. If someone calls me while I'm on a call, their call is answered via voicemail. My call forwarding is functional even when I'm not in the van. Eggy Car

Ringtones for Cell Phones 2022

i see my friends are using samsung but their phone ringtones are usually iphone ringtones Is there any way to do the above? i tried it with https://dzwonkitones.com/iphone it's perfect


Can't enter new vehicle into my Renault

HelloHave had a new Zoe for 4 weeks now, but neither the phone App or the web based system will let me add the vehicle to my MyRenault account. Says invalid registration when I try with the App, and 'Server error@ when I try with the web browser version..... See more

Easylink connection settings

My easylink 9.3" screen does not have any connection options except bluetooth, no wifi or sim options. Is it blocked by software or the hardware is just limited?

Renault Software Update issue

Hello recently tried to get the new software update on my new clio v, multimedia system has been stuck on ‘initializing' since nearly 2 weeks ago. anyone had any luck with this? been to the dealership & theyve told me its a renault issue with the software... See more


Good morning How do I turn on the connectivity on my Easy Link please? thanks